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Dr. Cavazos' Research Lab (high-performance computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, predictive analytics, and the application of these technologies to hard problems that if solved will make a societal and/or industrial impact): June 2009 May 2015
  • Worked on code transformations to optimize CUDA kernels which are run on the GPU, including using different modes of storage (local memory, shared memory, and registers) and loop unrolling, and applying these transformations to optimize CUDA belief propagation implementation.

  • Worked on framework to generate code transformations to optimize any given CUDA or OpenCL program using directives in the HMPP toolkit from CAPS Enterprise.

  • Worked on using GPUs to speed up financial applications using native CUDA/OpenCL and also using OpenACC and HMPP directives.

Video/Image Modeling and Synthesis Laboratory (run by Dr. Chandra Kambhamettu): September 2006-June 2009

  • Worked on tracking the motion of sea ice from Satellite Imagery, traveled to APLIS '07 ice camp in the arctic.

  • Implemented stereo/motion algorithms with the goal of tracking cloud motion from a sequence of satellite imagery, with a focus on taking advantage of the GPU to allow the results to be processed in real-time.

Research as part of course projects:
  • Implemented photon mapping on the GPU using CUDA as a project for an advanced graphics course entitled 'Rendering and Image Synthesis'.

  • Programmed a CUDA implementation of autostereoscopic image generation using a light field for a Computational Photography course.